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DB exploration

Grok supports visual exploration of relational databases for some of the database providers, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Maria DB, and Oracle. If a provider supports it, you'll see ' Browse schema' command for the corresponding connection:

Schema browser

DB Schema Browser Menu

Schema browser visualizes all tables with all columns at once, giving you a high-level overview of the database. Click on a table to see its details in the context panel; it is also a good starting point for drill-downs and further exploration. The following quick actions are there:

Hierarchy browser

Grok lets you visually explore both database schema and database content. Simply click on the item ( such as connection, table, or column) in the "File | Connect to data" pane to bring up item's properties in the context panel.

DB Hierarchy Browser

Tips and tricks

Context actions for db columns

In case you want to retrieve only some of the columns, select them (Shift+click) in the schema, and then use context actions that appear in the context panel

Get Columns


DB exploration

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