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Many types of objects within the Datagrok platform can be shared with other users or groups. Such shareable objects are called entities. When an object is shared, you are essentially granting a privilege (typically, 'view' or 'edit') to a grantee. See the Security article for details on how to manage groups and privileges.

To share an object, either right-click on it and choose Share..., or expand the Sharing section in the object's context panel and choose Share... there.

Share Connection

Context Panel Share

Sharing connections and queries

Access rights of a database connection inherit access rights of a query. However, access rights of the query don't inherit access rights of the database connection. Thus, if one shares a query, the associated database connection shall automatically be shared. At the same time, when you are sharing a database connection, your queries aren't going to be shared automatically.

As for web queries, they are automatically shared along with sharing the corresponding connection.



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