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Single source of truth

Our wiki is a single source of truth for any information about how to deploy, use, or troubleshoot Datagrok. This policy applies to how we communicate and share knowledge internally and externally. The rationale is simple. We want to have all information about Datagrok in a place that is universally accessible to prevent information silos, knowledge gaps, and inefficiencies. For this reason, we maintain our documentation in a public repository on Github.

Internally, we treat documentation the same way we treat our code: we improve it as often as possible and follow the fewer words, better writing style.

We don't answer questions or share information verbally or in Slack. If the answer to a question exists in documentation, we share the link to the documentation. If the answer to a question doesn't exist in documentation, we add this information to the documentation first and then share the link to communicate this information. The more information we add, the more we help others accomplish tasks faster and better and solve problems.

We encourage anyone to share their knowledge through a wiki article, a post on a community forum, or a YouTube video. This section on writing docs explains how to do it in the most user-friendly and least error-prone way.