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Flex View

Use this view to reference data, viewers, summary statistics, and other things from disparate tables. This view is a good way to provide project summary. The content is stored in the markup format ( directly editable in the context panel on the right). That allows to reference pretty much anything in the platform, including tables, viewers, columns, statistics, metadata, references to users, and invoking functions.

It's always possible to edit the markup directly, but we have made it even easier to reference relevant content. Drag-and-drop any entity into the view to reference it. The toolbox on the left provides quick links to add the following:

  • Common

    • Clear - clears the markup
    • Summarize - adds a quick summary for the current project
    • View links - adds links to all views currently opened
  • Viewers

    • Add viewers for the specified table
  • Statistics

    • Add statistics for the specified table
  • Table

    • Table link - adds a table link
    • Summarize - adds table summary with columns in rows, and column tags as columns
  • Column

  • Add project-related content from the left pane

  • Drag-and-drop objects such as tables or columns into this view

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