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Workspace is a collection of currently opened projects.

Workspace tree

Workspace Tree is a hierarchical viewer that is used for navigating and managing projects, tables, connections, and other entities.

Use drag-and-drop to move entities between projects. When you open a project, you can find it added to workspace tree. Close project using context menu to remove it. When you open data or run query, or job, or script, that produces table - it will be added to scratchpad too. You can remove it using "Remove from project" context menu. Tables and views must be placed in scratchpad or in another project, so, when you remove table or view from project - it moves to scratchpad, When you remove table from scratchpad - it closes.

Scratchpad is a special place to start your own project. You can add data by opening data files, using drag-and-drop or running queries, then save everything and share with other users. You can exclude entities from project using context menu, or drag them to another project.

To upload project press upload button in toolbar, or use "Upload" context command.

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