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Select tooltip columns

Select columns that should be put on a tooltip when the mouse cursor is over a data point. By default, all columns are shown, if the table contains less than 21 columns, and no columns are shown, if a table contains 21 columns or more.

Viewer tooltips

One of the unique exploratory data analysis-related features of Datagrok is the ability to interactively visualize group of rows on an arbitrary viewer when the mouse is over a visual that represents multiple rows.

Here are some examples of such visuals:

You can choose any viewer as a tooltip for the so-called "mouse-over rows". To do that, add a viewer of interest (such as scatter plot), customize the settings accordingly, and then select Tooltip | Use as group tooltip. After that, once a mouse cursor gets over the segment that represents multiple rows, a scatter plot containing only mouse-over rows will be shown in a tooltip.

"Reset group tooltip" removes group tooltip.

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