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Out-of-the-box, Datagrok offers the following authentication methods:

  • Login-password
  • OAUTH (Google, Facebook, GitHub)
  • Single Sign-on
  • Active Directory

Enterprise customers might prefer to use a custom SSO (single sign-on) scheme. We can accommodate these needs by developing a customer-specific integration.


Datagrok uses login and password to authenticate users. We keep your password salted with random data and encrypted with 1024xSHA-256 algorithm, so it cannot be read from our system. If you forgot your password - the only way to get access to Datagrok is to reset your password, using link on login form.

Authentication details

When a user enters logs in, the login and password pair is passed to the server, and, if the password hash matches the stored hash, a session token is generated. Now, every API call should be made with http header "Authorization: token", where "token" is the session token. After logging out this token won't work anymore.

Datagrok does not keep your password anywhere, after your log in.

Authentication UML Diagram Authentication UML Diagram

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