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Data provenance

Data provenance is the ability to fully understand everything that the result depends upon. This includes queries that were used to retrieve the initial raw data, transformations applied to the data, scripts that were executed, predictive models that were used, datasets on which these models were trained, etc.

Data provenance enables data scientists to reason about results, especially when they do not work in isolation. It also makes debugging the pipelines a lot easier, since you can go back and see how a particular change impacted the result.

Self-documented data flows

Since Datagrok already has a lot of information related to the data flows, in many cases there is no need to create and maintain documentation for the data flows. Datagrok offers several out-of-the-box jobs that build visual representations of the data flows. They answer the following questions:

  • Who are end users of a particular database / connection / query?
  • Which data sources does a particular group of users use?
  • Which algorithms and visualizations are used on the data retrieved from the particular query?