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Datagrok: Swiss Army Knife for Data

Datagrok is a platform for turning data into actionable insights. It helps you unlock the value of your organization's complex data by empowering non-technical users to discover, cleanse, visualize, explore, model data themselves, and share these results.

Enhance your company's ecosystem by managing connections to data, building data pipelines, keeping repository of domain-related scripts, and defining ontologies. Harness the power of AI by letting computers learn from your data and your actions.

Finally, build reusable components and domain-specific applications on top of the platform.

Why Datagrok?

Simply put, because it's the best platform out there. We care about data, we understand science, technology, and how powerful modern computers are, so we went on a quest to build the perfect, no-compromise solution.

Our proprietary in-memory database that runs in the browser lets us process data orders of magnitudes faster than other products do. Interactive visualizations built on top of it are capable of working with billions of rows and millions of columns.

Data transformations, statistical computations, predictive models, and custom applications are combined together as plug-and-play blocks, allowing you to build your own blocks and enhance the ecosystem even further.

Don't take our word for this – run the platform right now and see it yourself!


Seamlessly bring together data from the different silos and formats.


Manage availability, usability, integrity and security of your data, all in one place.



Our unique technology lets you explore datasets faster and more efficiently than ever, allowing to find patterns that were previously impossible to spot, resulting in the acceleration of data-driven decisions.

Machine learning

Turn your data into actionable insights by using state-of-the art machine learning and AI techniques.


  • Easily share anything with anyone, and collaborate together
  • Innovate through the wisdom of crowds
  • Cross-pollinate knowledge via the knowledge base, discussions and forums
  • Push ideas to users via data augmentation


Deploy and integrate