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Datagrok can access any machine-readable data source and retrieve either structured or unstructured data in a safe, efficient, scalable, managed, and reproducible manner. Commonly supported data source types include databases, file storages, and web services. If anything is missing, it could be implemented as a platform extension.

No matter what the data source type is, you would need to create a data connection in order to access the data. Each data source type has its own connection parameters (for instance, that would be server/port/db for Postgres, and region/bucket/folder for S3). Each connection might also be associated with login credentials (for instance, that would be login and password for Postgres, and secret key for the S3 bucket). These credentials are encrypted and stored in a special credential storage.

Connections are first-class entities in the Datagrok platform, and as such could be shared with users or groups (with the specified privileges), included in projects, commented on, versioned, audited, and so on.

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