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Smart search

Use the free-text input that lets define complex queries. Smart search supports AND and OR operators and parenthesis, so you can combine filters. If you type single string - search engine will treat it as filter by name. Tags filtering is supported: #demo will show entities, tagged by #demo tag, also you can combine tags conditions using AND or OR operators. Every entity has properties, that could be used for filtering. See more.


Unstructured query; looks for 'biologics' in title and description:


Having #demo tag:

# Demo

Tagged as either either #demo or #chem:

# Demo or #chem

Created in the last 7 days:

createdOn > -1w

Complex conditions:

(#demo and #chem) or author = ""
starredBy = @current or author = @current

Created by recently joined users:

author.joined > -5d

See also: