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Datagrok for Enterprise IT

Software is eating the world, and IT has become a critical competence in all businesses. Datagrok enables IT to become a partner with business by solving business problems, while at the same time providing enterprise-grade security, governance, and other IT-controlled mechanisms for storage administration, backup, and audit.


Give the right access to the right people. We offer several authentication and authorization options, as well as role- and group-based privileges for all objects available in the platform.

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You are in full control of your data. Pick whatever storage your organization prefers, or mix and match. We support network file systems, S3, Dropbox, and Google Cloud.


Centrally manage all of the data sources, file shares, connections, queries, and reports in one place. Learn what data is being consumed by business by using data flow analysis and impact analysis tools.


We are completely platform agnostic, you can deploy Datagrok on Linux, Windows, on-premises, in the private cloud, or use it as a SaaS. To scale scientific computations, spin out as many Grok Compute machines as needed.


Keep your hand on the platform's pulse by monitoring the performance and efficiency of enterprise systems. Analyze who does what, which databases are being used, which queries are submitted and how long they take to execute. Get instant alerts when services are down. Use impact analysis tools to see what will get affected downstream if a particular component fails.


Know exactly what was done, when, and by whom by auditing user activity. Optimize your processes by analyzing system usage data.


From the ground up, Datagrok was designed to be easily extensible by customers. Extension points can be either server- or client- side, and can be developed in many languages. You can add new queryable data sources using Grok Data API, build new viewers on top of Datagrok using Grok JS API, or develop custom applications on top of it.


Built-in admin tools let you change hundreds of parameters and defaults that are exposed by the platform. Use jobs or alerts to automate anything.