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Core Datagrok concepts

These concepts are foundational in Datagrok:


A Dataframe (or table) is a fundamental data structure in Datagrok. Dataframes are optimized for exploratory data analysis and support common data operations like filtering, sorting, or aggregations.

Dataframes can be manipulated directly through the UI, Console, or scripts that automate data transformations. Every change made to a dataframe is automatically recorded, which means it can be audited and reproduced.

Dataframes are visualized using the grid viewer.

User interface

A view is a window designed for specific tasks. For example:

  • Double-clicking a dataframe opens a Table View resembling Excel
  • Double-clicking a query opens the Query Editor
  • Clicking a Browse icon on the Sidebar opens Browse

You can open the same object in multiple views and work on each independently.

Data management

Projects act like folders containing various entities such as dataframes, queries, or scripts. For example, dashboards are projects that include the underlying data (a dataframe) and the visualizations applied to it (a layout).

Projects are essential for organizing, managing, and sharing data assets. The Browse view organizes projects in a tree that governs entity privileges.