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Datagrok core is data-agnostic. Using plugins, you can customize the platform for any domain of knowledge. For example:

  • Automatic recognition of domain-specific data types, e.g., molecules
  • Highly customized data rendering
  • Fast, data-aware spreadsheets and visualizations
  • Specialized data editing and filtering interfaces, e.g., substructure filters
  • Domain-specific calculation and data processing functions
  • Fit-for-purpose apps

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Enterprise IT

  • Seamless integration with any machine-readable data source
  • Robust security features, including role-based access control, data encryption, and audit trails. Data catalog
  • Collaboration features with version control across projects
  • Scales well
  • Extensive customization options through plugins
  • Real-time data processing and analytics. Usage analysis
  • Flexible deployment options: cloud-based, on-premises, hybrid

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