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Getting started

Welcome to Datagrok, the next-generation data platform! This document provides a step-by-step instruction to help you start using Datagrok as an engineer.

1. Datagrok introduction

Our YouTube channel has a Datagrok demo that shows the key capabilities of the platform. Check it out for a general understanding of Datagrok.

2. JavaScript API examples

Datagrok has a a few JavaScript samples that use the powerful JavaScript API. You will use the API to build packages, applications, or plugins for the platform.

Here are a few examples of the said packages and plugins:

3. Tooling for local development

Datagrok comes with the datagrok-tools npm package to help you scaffold a package, an application, or a project on your local environment. You will also use datagrok-tools to build and publish your code. For more information, check out the datagrok-tools README.

npm install --global datagrok-tools

4. JavaScript exercises

To gain more experience with the Datagrok JavaScript API, you might want to work on a series of JavaScript exercises. They will introduce a more advanced usage of the API and help better understand the development process with Datagrok.

Check out the following spaces and documents for more information about Datagrok:

  1. Community forum and meetings To join a meeting, go to the Community Forum and ask for a Zoom link.
  2. Release notes
  3. Architecture
  4. Extending and customizing Datagrok
  5. Building an application
  6. Building a UI
  7. Performance

6. Videos

We've curated a few video records that introduce the platform, show the usage of the JavaScript API, and talk about extensions.

  1. Demo
  2. Platform overview
  3. JS API overview
  4. datagrok-tools overview (part 1), datagrok-tools overview (part 2)
  5. VS Code Integration
  6. Data access
  7. Visualization and viewers